7 Natural Ways To Induce Labor

Are you looking for natural ways to induce labor? There are several reasons why you might want to do this. If you are approaching your due date you could be ready for labor and need to induce. Perhaps you are experiencing symptoms of pregnancy and want to let nature take its course. Or you may be past your due date slightly and want to speed things up by learning how to induce labor at home.

Don’t worry about harming your baby. Proved you discuss the details with your doctor or midwife and do not try any drugs or potions without their advice, these aids to natural labor induction use only tried and tested methods. If you are in any doubt at any time during the natural induction process, stop and consult your midwife or doctor.

Acupressure & Acupuncture to Induce Labor

Induce LaborOne thing you can do to induce labor is go to seek out acupressure treatment. Make sure the person you choose to administer acupressure has experience with inducing labor. You, of course, want it to work. You also don’t want to harm the unborn baby. Finding someone with experience will help.

Using acupuncture to induce labor is especially popular in Asia and parts of South America. This involves the use of needles, pressing into the skin on “chi” or energy lines. Acupressure is similar, but does not involve the use of needles.

Massage Technique

There is also a massage technique that can help with natural labor induction. If you are unsure of how to perform the technique, ask someone who specializes in prenatal massage to show you. Or, you can look it up online. Just be careful you don’t cause the unborn baby harm. Search for advice on what to do and what not to do in pregnancy.

Natural Ways To Induce Labor Include Having Sex

This is another technique that people use to induce labor. There is actually no solid proof that this works. However, doctors do recommend it because it is relatively safe and couldn’t hurt – as long as you’re gentle. It is recommended that you take your time. An hour or two of slow sex will be one of the most pleasant and natural ways to induce labor there is!

Obviously, because the woman is pregnant, certain sexual positions are better than others. For this technique to work, you will want to find a position that is comfortable for the female, but which allows the male organ to put pressure on the cervix, which is positioned at the top of the vagina, at the lower end of the womb.

Evening Primrose Oil

It is no secret that evening primrose oil contains something that turns into prostaglandins. Prostaglandins eventually help prepare the uterus for delivery. If you supplement this, it could speed up your body’s preparations. Consult with a doctor before you try it.

Try Exercising

Another of the ways to induce labor is to exercise. Some people may advise to exercise to exhaustion by doing something like taking walks. Taxing your body this much while pregnant can be very harmful. Working out for shorter periods of time, however, couldn’t hurt and will keep you fit. Consult your doctor before you try it.

Consult Your Midwife

Consulting your midwife is a good way to get advice on natural ways to induce labor. This is especially important if you are past due. Your doctor should also be in the loop. Midwives may have some tried and tested methods for inducing labor. They may also decide to give you prostaglandins, which help prepare your body for labor.

Spicy Foods

Some may advise you to try to eat spicy foods to help induce labor. This involves eating food rich in chillies and other pungent and potentially healing spices such as cumin, turmeric and fenugreek. In parts of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka they have specially spiced dishes they give to induce labor in a very natural way. After all, what could be more natural than eating? Just be careful if you are not used to hot and or spicy foods: it can burn twice. Once on the way in and once on the way out!

There are many commonplace and 100% natural ways to induce labor. If you have a need to do so, either because your due date is approaching or you are past due, these methods could really work.

Ways To Induce Labor At Home

If you are looking for ways to induce labor at home, you’ve come to the right place. If you are past your due date, it can be annoying and very uncomfortable. You have paid your due and you just want to have your beautiful baby in your arms and out of your stomach.

Top 5 Ways To Induce Labor At Home Naturally

This is a natural feeling and there are many ways to help you induce labor. One way to induce labor at home is by using castor oil. This has been used for many years to help those over 40 weeks along. However, there are many side effects with using castor oil. It is used as an ingredient in laxatives and almost always causes diarrhea. It also tastes bad and can cause vomiting and nausea. It is best to talk to a doctor before using this treatment. It is not guaranteed to force labor and works best if you are already having contractions to bring forth the baby.

Another choice is to have an enema. An enema is a cleansing of the colon and rectum. Usually, there is pure and distilled liquid already in a bag with a hose attached. The end of the hose is inserted into the anus and the bag is emptied. Enemas could possibly induce labor because when the bowels contract, it could cause the uterus to also contract. However, doctors are unwilling to give enemas to pregnant women and this technique is not approved by the FDA. You should be over 40 weeks pregnant to try this.

ways to induce labor safely

Another option to consider is having sexual intercourse. When you have sex, prostaglandin is released, which is similar in effect to some medications that are given to induce labor. Plus, it is fun.

Some people have chosen to use acupressure to induce labor. This is not harmful to you or the baby, and it really could help. Studies have been done that involve a range of women. One study had 56 women who were at least 40 weeks along. Half of these women did not receive acupressure and half did. Of the half that did not receive any help, 50 percent went into labor. Seventy percent of those who did receive acupressure also went into labor. If you like using non-standard forms of medical care, consider this option. It will not hurt you or the baby, and could quite possibly help.

One more way that is worth mentioning is nipple stimulation. Your nipples are sensitive areas and are what will be used to nurse your baby (if possible). It involves lightly pinching, rubbing and otherwise playing with the nipples. Many women have said that this is what brought on their labor an it is certainly one of the safest ways to induce labor at home. When they were doing it, they had contractions and when they stopped, the contractions stopped. It may not work, but it will feel good and ease your stress.

There is no surefire way to induce labor without using medicines from a qualified medical practitioner, either in hospital or at home. Always ensure you have a safe pregnancy. If you prefer natural labor induction, try any or all of the tips here or find out more ways to induce labor at home.

Ways To Induce Labor Blog

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Thanks and I wish you the best of luck with your birth and with your new baby.

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